Traditional market research and opinion polling

There are hardly any sectors where the market ends at a country's border. We observe markets worldwide and find out how they are changing on your behalf. Our interviewers speak all languages and know the customs and characteristics of the countries in which they collect data and opinions. 

We are able to guarantee the reliability of our data and punctuality thanks to multi-layered, detailed and standardised quality assurance systems at every stage in the course of a project as well as regular, informative updates. 

Complete transparency is a matter of course and we insist on providing quality for a fair price.

We are able to ensure up-to-date results thanks to our high capacity, which allows us to carry out your projects quickly and efficiently – from the translation of the questionnaire and survey set-up using programming and sampling techniques, to data collection, all the way through to data analysis.

Owing to the diversity of our client base, we are at home in all market segments and branches and are extremely well-versed in the use of every kind of methodology.

Through the long-standing and continuous cooperation with renowned high-quality providers in market research, our level of quality and performance are evaluated and affirmed countless times. 

Telephone – Online Multi-Mode – Mobile  – both worldwide as well as in the smallest areas.

This way, we lay the foundation for your success!

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